Meet Sophia

Sophia Auroré:

Artist, Photographer, Interior Designer, Nature Lover, who is passionate about color, light, all things beautiful and being a creative catalyst for inspiration and the connection of human spirits.

~Sophia's art reveals her passion for shape, texture and pattern, light and shadows, and for expression in the language of color. Her paintings and photographs celebrate the sunlight on petals of unfolding flowers, the translucence of quaking aspen leaves, and the resonance of nature's beauty with the human soul.

~Her creative work inspires sustainable, beautiful living that bridges gaps of gender, class, country, and borders. 

~Sophia's professional work spans twenty-three years of bringing aesthetic wisdom and unique, nature-inspired interior designs to residential and commercial clients. Her designs transform homes and workplaces with their beauty and natural harmony. Year after year, she sees lives and businesses blossom in new environments custom aligned to the authentic nature of her clients.

Artist, Marilee Wintz