Seeking Shelter


The peace and serenity of crashing waves, salt air lingering in my lungs, seagulls singing, wide open big blue horizons might be just a few tangible reasons walking on the beach is a favorite pastime of many. Here at Shelter Cove, shades of aquamarine, azure blue, turquoise, and all the tones in blue/green spectrum possible radiate with intensity.  Water, really, is colorless. The magic of blue happens from the depth of water along with the scattering and absorption of white light and the reflection of the magnificent sky above. A mirror of blue love from above and below.

Blue’s effect on our brains tends to be: relaxing, calming, peaceful, conservative, universally, it is said to be the most widely liked color.  Body chakras depict the 5th, throat chakra as a rich blue color relating to communication and truth.

So often at the ocean, I find myself speechless at the raw beauty, soaking up a serene color that does not exist in the high desert landscape of my home. Speechless in contemplation of the connection of mind and spirit through this dynamic flow of lunar threads and earthly water flowing in unison to create this magical moment. Speechless because no words can do justice to a heartfelt soul connection to this very mindful moment –  time stands still while the ocean waves roll in and my breathing is in sync with the slow methodic motion. Speechless that for so much of my life, blue representing the throat chakra was blocked and I could not find my voice to speak my truth. Ocean tones in the water and sky blue fortify my vocal cords, creating a gentle flow from my higher self to my shaky voice. Tears stung in my eyes as surprising words claiming my power emerge unapologetically. True language of my soul, lifts emotional blues from my mind, cascading another blue hue to this watery landscape. Cleansed, open and clear, my throat chakra is grateful for the immersion in ocean tones bringing self-respect and appreciation to the surface of my soul.

As the water approaches and rhythmically recedes, the world is timeless.  The intensity of the sun’s rays on my face does not create laugh lines or crow’s feet in this world standing still.  My heart beats are suspended in the air like a giant metronome in the salty sky like one giant universal heartbeat. Humidity hugs every hair on my body and wraps itself around every hungry cell in my physical form, soaking up the moist nutrition of water droplets suspended in air.

Meteorological moods show dramatically on large bodies of water.  On the special days when I am vacationing on the coast of California with a Pacific Ocean view, I awake with anticipation of what shade of blue has been selected for the day.  Marine blue on particularly happy, sunny clear days with white foamy waves crashing at will, and all the more magical when the first rays of sun highlight the rolling waves and spray of mist following the motion of the ocean trails as a veil.  

Deep denim blue on the cloudy days depicts the calm before the storm, navy blue sky mirrored dark waves tossing about angrily speak of the passing storm’s power.  The contrast between a deep dark sky and sea with the momentary sweet sparkling turquoise of light in the passing wave plays with absorption and reflection of the solar rays on restless water.

Walking adjacent to the ocean shore and spraying mist I am out in the wide-open world, yet barefoot on the beach in so many ways, feels like safety and shelter for me. Do you feel the correlation from your earth body to this giant swaying body of water?  Each wave calls to your cells in a rhythmic motion to join the tranquility of going with the flow.  At times, this great ocean is called to be nearly still and others to be tossed around at will with moods of the moon, stars, weather, and wind. So dramatically mesmerizing! Om peace to the self within, waves of the soul.  

I came here seeking shelter from the busy world and my spinning mind,  becoming one with waves in the ocean.  Yet, clearly, standing here with my toes melting in the crashing of waves, mist in my nostrils, a taste of salty air remind me to join in analogous ocean tones singing, dancing, embracing the oneness of us all. Who needs shelter when we all rise and fall together? 

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