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Dear Beautiful Spirit,

 I see you as a perfect being, full of love and light, and I hear your call to be confident and clear and feel the passionate fire of destiny and make a difference in the world. Sometimes we need help to dust off that light with an infusion of wisdom and guidance to shine our brightest and live a joyful and productive life. I am here to walk shoulder to shoulder on your journey, lighting the way until you become your own visionary.

 Luminous Life Programs teach accessible techniques for busy people who are on the verge of burnout or overwhelmed by the world and want to recharge their spirit. Is it time for you to define clarity based on your own inner compass and claim your power?  Details coming soon! 

It was time. . .

It was time

So I said yes

I said yes to living

I said yes to loving

I said yes to being

My. . . self


And unafraid

Cleo Wade

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