Connecting Creativity + Clutter Free Zones = Inspired Art & Living

Connecting Creativity + Clutter Free Zones = Inspired Art & Living

Hey, color and light lovers! Doing these interviews has been like eating candy! Sweet delightful conversations that sparks joy and inspiration. Speaking of “sparking joy” Tina Mokuau has given us another excellent tip for our bridge from the world of form, creating beauty and inner peace. Her studio is a clean light palette and is ready for creative brushstrokes. Tina shares " a photo of my home art studio, it is my happy place and I feel like my creativity is activated there." 

Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, sees artmaking and organization not as opposites, but as kindred pursuits. “The depth of concentration and the respect for materials involved in creating artwork is similar to the focus and connection with belongings associated with tidying,” Wow! Tina, love this tidy space ready for creative works! 

In this sweet studio, Tina creates joyful images for us all to enjoy. Confetti, an unexpected pleasure of small colorful, and often sparkling pieces in repetition gives a maximum impact of joy. The use of multiple and even the entire rainbow spectrum communicates an uplifting message to any room. I am also a big fan of the nature-inspired curvy shapes and florals that Tina creates. Here instagram account is here - enjoy: 

  1. Do you feel beautiful things in your home/office are beneficial? If so in what way? 

I enjoy having things in my space that I enjoy looking at or using. I think it is very beneficial to our well being to have beauty and inspiration in our space. It is comforting and inspiring. It also gives a sense of identity and ownership to your home, which makes it unique to you.

  1. Is there a color theme, shape, element of light that captivates you, making you aware of the present moment? 

I really am motivated by bright jewel tones in my art, however, I notice that I like more earthy elements in my furnishings. I feel that colors have a vibration to them

  1. Over time we may not really see our beautiful things in daily life, what is in your experience keeps a space fresh and a place of peace and presence. 

I think it is very important to keep a space that you live clutter-free and clean. Having things organized really gives me a sense of peace and a clear head. 

  Aloha ~

Tina makes an important comment here about creating beauty from and organized space and a “sense of peace and clear head”.  Excellent point! For those of us who use the kitchen table as a makeshift art studio, we can also have a system for where supplies live in an organized fashion when not in use. I’m inspired to work on how to make that happen at my house!

We have covered so many great topics about how to walk the bridge from forms(things) that we find beautiful and (formless) spirit or the sense of inner spaciousness. From light, creating alters, plants, color and now organization. Have you found a suggestion that is working for you? I would love to hear from you!

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