Colors and Quality of Life 2020

Benjamin Moore created a wonderful presentation to present the 2020 Color of the Year - First Light. See the previous blog for discussion of the decades of colors leading up to this moment. 

I wanted to share some of the life qualities and their projected colors. Some I totally agree with, others I will give my projection. Most of all I am interested in your reaction to these life qualities and color projections.  

With a case of the blues, this decade starts off paring SECURITY and COMMUNITY in blue tones. Remember also the Pantone Color of the year is ClassicBlue along with paint company Sherwin Williams naming a calming Navy as their color of the year. So we are in agreement in across companies and markets about BLUE. 

Yes, I would agree we are singing the blues and anti-anxiety blues in life. 

The blues I do not agree with are associated with CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION. As much as I LOVE Orange strongly tied to bold creativity from years gone I think it is time to shift but for me, not to blue! 

Marilee's choice for Creativity and Imagination: fresh like a spring green meadow or a new leaf on an aspen tree the key being NEW FRESH THINKING.  What do you think? 

Privacy and Comfort showed up with green tones - both great life qualities that are calming so I am in complete agreement with these choices. Find yourself in the comfort of nature's great grasses and trees or value the privacy of your life and money also the color of green. 

Authenticity, Beauty and Self Expression all play off each other well in colors as well as qualities. I love the essence of light, almost like a pearl finish. 

I saved their best choice for last. OPTIMISM - I love the light walls these days! For years I chose a variety of colors on many different accent walls, the richer the better. Now I am in tune with walls being like a light canvas to showcase the built materials like cabinets, wood, tile, lighting, views out the window. I also like to call it "white hot" when you put one strong accent color wall with white and it pops like shiny candy! 

Yes even though we have the blues on so many levels around the world and at home, it is a best practice to be optimistic. Carry on color lovers! 


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