Arch of Perception Sierra Style

Mobius Arch, stunning arch with a view of Mt. Whitney – the tallest peak in the continental US. Many people come here to take pictures, at that is my point here. “Take”. Take pictures, take, take, take and take for granted the many grains of sand through the hourglass it took to create this arch. SO my mission was to share my newly learned medicine with this magical place. To connect with the arch, the stone, the mountains, with my Shaman’s Mesa and a ceremony to honor all the elements and give back. 

 My little Goldendoodle, Chloe and I, were the only ones on the trail on this crisp December Day. With wide open space, the Alabama Hills and all the large oval and oblong-shaped rocks make a dynamic setting for the Sierras that jut straight up into Father Sky – Intense vertical lines make you sit up straight and feel alive.  

As we approached the arch, it was confusing. Were we coming up to the side of the arch, how do you get there, where is the trail here? We climbed around and did find the famous arch. The wind was howling and I soon realized the space below the arch was not at all flat. I had anticipated putting the mesa and my dear Chloe below the arch for all these planned photos but that seemed impossible not to mention the place to take the photo from was a big boulder the photographer must balance on. I moved all around trying to find a good angle for photos and was focused on the image when I realized my little Chloe was nowhere to be seen! So scary. I called and called and finally, she came running back to me. By now I was completely rattled in the cold wind.

Wind, of course, that is what created the arch after all! When you see a picture-perfect arch, mountains in the background with blue sky, an experience comes to mind. A warm clear day with a perfect platform under the arch to pose on, a nice open background to stand back and take a picture. . . and in fact, none of this was the reality!

 I took a big deep breath and opened sacred space asking for some clarity about this ceremony.

I quickly unwrapped my mesa and placed it on the steeply slanted rock under the arch – the fabric was flapping in the wind and my stones kept trying to roll away, but with some patience, I found a settled space and place in my mind to offer the medicine from my stones to this magnificent place. My medicine stones from the four directions, stones from Surprise Valley, Colorado, Oregon, Peavine Mountain laid under the arch soaking in the life of a big grand granite gateway to both the mountains and the desert and the sky.

Ah, the many perspectives. . .


Most people photograph this arch looking at Mt. Whitney and yes how stunning. But equally as interesting is looking the desert side or laying on your back looking up at the sky or for that matter the sassy slanted stone below. OR looking at half mountain half desert. In the shaman world traversing the veils of consciousness comes with ease and as I look through, above, below Mobius arch is a real-world analogy of the four directions, four perspectives, shadow and light, dream and reality all etched in stone.

 I honored the stones, the sun, the (super) moon, the sky, earth, and magnificent mountains. My offering was 6 drops of an essential oil called “Balance” One for each of the four cardinal directions and one for the earth and sky. I felt this arch soak up the oils as the essence sailed on the wind to the east.

I turned to the east and photographed the equally as stunning view of the boulders dancing around the desert. We blew PEACE into the air along with the Balance oil. . . sweet sentiments to the rising sun. Or is it Peter Rabbit traversing the stones?!! 

The mesa was much happier on the big boulder looking over into the hills. The stones soaked up the sun and seemed to sink deep into this big mother stone’s essence with so many stories to share. With a few more chants and big gusts of wind, Chloe and I closed sacred space and promised to be back someday for more blessings. This time we will know the setting and ceremony ready for the reality of this place.

 If there is one thing I learned it is that once again, things are not as they seem. It is a dream world as the Aborigines and Toltec wisdom teach. You may look at a photo and have an impression of the physical feeling you may have to be in a place and time but when you get there your ancestors have rearranged the boulders in any which way they wish.

 You may think you are stuck at a place in your physical life but if in fact you turn and look through the arch differently the options are immense. Do you realize the power you hold my dear friends?

 What an amazing thing, this journey called life and all the trails we can follow. What does your map look like? 

Beauty Inspires Us!  Marilee and Chloe from the Sierras on a cold December Day. 

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