7 Elegant and Earthy Decor Elements for your Thanksgiving Table

7 Elegant and Earthy Decor Elements for your Thanksgiving Table

Celebrating Gratitude, Abundance & Beauty of connecting to others.  Thanksgiving is my VERY favorite holiday because it is about celebrating gifts from the earth. So it is only fitting to share simple and beautiful decor from harvests of the year. Gather leaves, pine cones, or the simple gifts the earth offers and here we go! 

 1. Leaves, especially crunch leaves and pine cones show off their amazing textures in glass canisters. You could also add mini pumpkins, cranberries and create a layered effect with natural elements all showcased in glass. 

 2. Who needs a glass slipper when you have sexy glass pumpkins? WOW, these stunning stems with gold blown glass make such an artistic statement at the table. 

 3. Leaf Motif napkin holders - What tree do you love most? Aspen will forever hold a special place in my heart. Love this concept of silver leaf sculptures being the first thing my guests will touch on the table.  Pink and Orange go with any seasonal decor at my house. . . 

 4. Straight from the earth GOURDS - look at this impeccable sculpture and painting of a gourd. Artists celebrating color and the earth's gifts are perfect decor for the Thanksgiving Table. Gourd on the right in this photo - you can't miss its beauty. People like to touch it!!! 



5. More artistry in clay - this pottery chip and dip bowl are the perfect mix of creative design and function. The grape motif dip bowl slides onto the chip bowl. Great design and even better execution by the artist. 



 6. Free form dancing sculpture is surrounded by candle holders with copper leaves. . . what is not to love. 

 7. Smell matters!! While the scents from the kitchen are good you can clear the air with this great home-made spray:

Recycle or buy a spray bottle and fill it 3/4 of the way with filtered water. 20-25 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil then top it off with liquid Witch Hazel. Spray as you like!! Smells divine! 

Bonus Tip:

*Soft lighting is so nice, use candles rather than harsh overhead lights. Candles can be placed on a nice wide tray covered with cranberries and cloves. Yum. More good scents and natural beauty. 

Enjoy the season and be sure to raise a glass to Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun for creating the harvest you enjoy today. 

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