Hope and Clarity in a world where Beauty Inspires


Beauty Inspires, two words that fill my heart with hope and clarity. I wish to share with you the essence of soulful beauty in my new website. I seek out nature in times of desperation, and in times of celebration and Mother Nature always has the subtle yet profound answer to my search for wholeness. 

In case no one has told you today:

You are:





And you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Time is of the essence to share nature inspired images with the world that speak the truth of color, shape, light, seasons, geographic regions, and above all beauty that seeps deep into your heart. Maybe they will be fresh new images to your eyes, or maybe they will stir a long lost memory of your connection to the earth or to your authentic self. Whatever your experience with this work, I hope it sparks some inspiration for you to live your best life and surround yourself with people, places and things that are deeply meaningful and timeless. 

I am happy to share that over four thousand people from all over the globe follow the Beauty Inspires Facebook page and have showed their appreciation of the daily beautiful images and ideas. One sweet gal went as far to say she was in deeply hard times and that even though she couldn’t smile, my daily posts made her heart smile. This is exactly WHY I am launching this business – to uplift spirits; to spread nature inspires images in a world that craves beauty. I like to think of the ripple in the pond and how one splash creates waves and we can, together, surround the earth with beautiful waves of thoughts, wishes, hopes and dreams that can come true. I feel confident that I am planting beautiful seeds in the earth, in minds and hearts of people around the world, and I feel humbled to have this opportunity.

You will find vibrant colors and my favorite photos for sale in gallery wrapped canvas as well as some oil paintings and fusion – oil paintings mixed media with photos on the website along with greeting cards, some fun bright-colored furniture, and accessories. Maybe you will find something to brighten a room in your home or for a gift from my heart to yours. I appreciate your consideration of my work.

Please note that 10% of proceeds are saved for a program I call PROJECT BEAUTY. Once we reach $2000 we will choose a charity to design and create a gallery wall of art from not only me but also other talented artists. I want to brighten the lives of those in hard times and know for sure that beauty inspires and touches the soul in a profound and healing way. Hope, inspiration and appreciation of beauty are gifts I hope to give every day the rest of my life!

 We cannot forget our furry friends! For ANY image purchased from the category “Doodle Love” 100% of the proceeds will go to SPCA or Canine Rehab alternately. My precious Zion and Chloe also wish to give back.

Above all, I hope some of these images, ideas, and wisdom from the earth will instill a strong sense of self-confidence and realization of what a beautiful soul you are. I want to inspire you to share your light with the world. Be well. 

Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself.

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