Monarch Metaphor

What do you see in this forest image?   For me, this is a mirror reflection of 2014 in so many ways!  I feel a deep kinship with this aspiring monarch of the forest. I sense hope in its tender trunk and yet, struggle, in the weeping pine needles under the weight of the fresh snow.

Celebrating peeking my head out of the nurturing earth into the warmth of the sun, absorbing the peace and serenity of the forest, striving to stand long and tall and sway softly in the wind painting my story of wisdom, strength and serenity amid the clouds and blue sky.  

Yet the weight of the snowy blanket on my limp pine needles and long, tall shadows of my role models weighs heavy on my heart. When and how will I reach the heavens?  My heart is filled with vibrant colors to paint in the deep blue sky, sweet songs to sing in the wind, secretive shadows to cast, and peace to instill, and I want to do it all NOW!

Will these dreams and aspirations ever come to pass? Some days I am certain that I have climbed a foot to the sky and others that I have been pummeled back down in the dirt!


Sometimes my lofty friends beckon me to strengthen my hold on the earth and stretch, to reach for the stars.  Other times I am intimidated as they tower above, shaming my insignificance. 

In spite of this, my roots dive for the molten core of the earth and the tips of my needles reach to the sun, I am warm, head to toe, with the idea that I AM that tree! 

Which leads me to THE goal for 2015! 

With a big thanks to Louise Hay! 



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