Pulse on the Seasons

August . . . the time of year to linger in the long delicious rays of sunlight that cascade onto peaks and valleys of our well-loved summertime playground. At 92 degrees in the Truckee Meadows, we celebrate summer in our hip lacy dresses, strappy sandals, and sexy sunglasses in denial that change is in the air.  Yet at 8500+ feet into the sky, the fresh, well-loved color green depicting life is juxtaposed with crunchy leaves in scarlet, crimson, marigold and raw umber tones of approaching autumn.

Queen Anne’s lace makes a valiant effort to reach the sun.  Although this is a lazy August afternoon, my foliage friends are frantic to capture the light and turn it into sweet sugars to catapult their growth, presenting their best display for the season. Puffs of white lace appear to float out into the blue sky and cover the hillside like fluffy cotton balls as this Queen has her way with the mountain.

Leaves are drying, curling, crunching, decaying and preparing to return to the earth. Leaves retreat in an artistic display with equally impressive shadows.  Sow your wild summer seeds so that we may play again next year. 


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