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The Connection Between Beautiful Interiors & Inner Peace and Inner Spaciousness

I was recently challenged to create a mix of my well-loved businesses. Part of my research included listening to New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and looking for a link (if there is one) between form (things) and formless (spirit).   The challenge is to see if there is a connection between Sage Interiors (Interior Design) and Luminous Life(Healing Arts).

 My wonderful participants answered these four questions:

  1. Do you feel beautiful things in your home/office are beneficial? If so in what way? 
  1. Is there a color theme, shape, element of light that captivates you, making you aware of the present moment? 
  1. Please share a room or a loved thing that is something that makes me feel a sense of inner spaciousness. 
  1. Over time we may not really see our beautiful things in daily life, what is in your experience keeps a space fresh and a place of peace and presence. 

I was able to interview two women who also happen to be artists that I highly respect. They have both played big roles in my life showing me what an inspired life looks like. You might guess that as artists/designers they appreciate beauty but the everyday way they access peaceful moments from their built environment and loved objects that may open your eyes to new simple ways of connecting simple things to inner peace. Whoa, that is big! READ ON: 

Pippin S. from Kalamazoo Michigan is an artist who loves colors, shapes as well as an avid nature enthusiast.  If you want to roll with Pippin you better let off the brakes and speed through life while still smelling the flowers.

Yes, I do feel that beautiful objects in my home/space are beneficial. Having beautiful/pretty/stunning objects in my personal space gives me a sense of tranquility/ease/calm. Thus, I feel more grounded, centered which then makes me be in the moment. 

Our bedroom makes me feel a sense of inner spaciousness. The windows face east, and on sunny days the light is beautiful. I don't like clutter, so keeping it clean and in order, makes it restful. 

I like to swap out accessories with different seasons. Mainly in winter and summer. For example in our bedroom,  I use a white thin blanket with light green pillows on the bed. In the wintertime, I use a thick duvet comforter with a light gray linen cover. Also, I add two big plants to our bedroom that sit on our screen porch in the summertime. The plants add a bit of freshness in the dead of winter. 

 This hits the message right away! Pippin’s observation of feeling grounded and centered from being surrounded by beautiful, pretty, stunning objects hits right on this idea of how the form of beauty creates a bridge to formlessness tranquility.

Can you feel a sense of calm and the bedroom image embracing you? I loved her connection with the morning light in the bedroom and the focus of a meaningful and organized space.

 Pippin talks about physical elements that lift the spirit! Michigan might be grey skies in the winter months but Pippin found a way to bring nature and life into the bedroom with greenery and life of plants.

So many great tips to connecting elements of the home with a sense of wellbeing. Thank you, Pippin!

Lynette S. runs a nonprofit teaching Alzheimer's patient's art. In addition to that, she spent years as a successful interior design and the best interior designer teacher ever!

 I have to surround myself with organic & inorganic images I find beautiful! The color aqua, anything green like plant cuttings on my kitchen windowsill, I call my alter! I even taught a class in a senior retirement community, how to create your alter, their windowsills were the only place available to them to do something truly meaningful! They loved it,  they did it! Filled my heart!!! Small can be very profound!

 My walls are filled with framed Alzheimer’s art from my students... I remember their souls and sweet faces every single day

 I’m an umbraphile! I love shadows!! I love a vase full of sunflowers on my dining room table, but not as much as I love the shadow it makes! I love the reflection of a sunset in my birdbath, and the shadows of the doves drinking! You can read in my words I’m overwhelmed with all of this appreciation 24/7! 

If I see a swallowtail I say “hi dad” I see one every day til winter! If I see a monarch, I say “hi mom”, out loud, I talk to them out loud all the time

oh I see so much beauty in my life everywhere, all the time! I would wilt away without it! Simple beauty is ever-present. The footprint of bunnies and birds after it snows! The flock of doves that meet at my birdbath every night at dusk for cocktail hour! 

But mostly I love to enlighten people to this simple beauty. I love teaching, sharing, and inspiring others. It brings me great joy 

I thank my parents for this great gift!!  

Lots of gifts here from Lynette! Thank you for letting us see through your eyes. 

 Ok right out of the gates Lynette is creating an “alter” in an everyday place most of us don’t think of utilizing. A place to pay your respects, pray, meditate, be mindful, grateful, and here she shows us how to do it in a place we all have access to!

 It occurred to me that Lynette teaches people in her Moments of Memory, teaching Alzheimer's to create art and then is able to remember each student by the masterpiece they created. I see this as Lynette helping folks create art and bringing it into sacred spaces in her house and extending the memory of those who might have forgotten how talented and beautiful they are!  Makes my heart happy! 

 Shadows, how cool?! We must all pay more attention to this.

The link between nature and her ancestors sent me directly to all my classes in the shaman world and it is no surprise Lynette knows the direct connection (which we all have access to).

It is easy to feel the joy Lynette has for teaching, sharing, and inspiring others.

In conclusion, these two vibrant beautiful women have clearly demonstrated for me that YES, beautiful, meaning objects, light, shadows, altars these tangible things help connect us to our sense of inner peace and serenity. What about this idea of "inner spaciousness"? Well I see it as those moments we are immersed in appreciating the beauty of our surroundings where our mind chatter is silent long enough to feel the breath coming in and out.

If you found this blog helpful or try some of these techniques, I would love to hear from you, or if you have your own creative ideas to share.

Beauty Inspires.

Colors and Quality of Life 2020

Benjamin Moore created a wonderful presentation to present the 2020 Color of the Year - First Light. See the previous blog for discussion of the decades of colors leading up to this moment. 

I wanted to share some of the life qualities and their projected colors. Some I totally agree with, others I will give my projection. Most of all I am interested in your reaction to these life qualities and color projections.  

With a case of the blues, this decade starts off paring SECURITY and COMMUNITY in blue tones. Remember also the Pantone Color of the year is ClassicBlue along with paint company Sherwin Williams naming a calming Navy as their color of the year. So we are in agreement in across companies and markets about BLUE. 

Yes, I would agree we are singing the blues and anti-anxiety blues in life. 

The blues I do not agree with are associated with CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION. As much as I LOVE Orange strongly tied to bold creativity from years gone I think it is time to shift but for me, not to blue! 

Marilee's choice for Creativity and Imagination: fresh like a spring green meadow or a new leaf on an aspen tree the key being NEW FRESH THINKING.  What do you think? 

Privacy and Comfort showed up with green tones - both great life qualities that are calming so I am in complete agreement with these choices. Find yourself in the comfort of nature's great grasses and trees or value the privacy of your life and money also the color of green. 

Authenticity, Beauty and Self Expression all play off each other well in colors as well as qualities. I love the essence of light, almost like a pearl finish. 

I saved their best choice for last. OPTIMISM - I love the light walls these days! For years I chose a variety of colors on many different accent walls, the richer the better. Now I am in tune with walls being like a light canvas to showcase the built materials like cabinets, wood, tile, lighting, views out the window. I also like to call it "white hot" when you put one strong accent color wall with white and it pops like shiny candy! 

Yes even though we have the blues on so many levels around the world and at home, it is a best practice to be optimistic. Carry on color lovers! 


Color through the years & Projected Decade of COLOR

Benjamin Moore presented colors through the years and as discussed in the previous blog, First Light was chosen for the 2020 Color Of the Year. See the projected palette for the decade at the end of the blog. 

Words used to describe the colors for the decade - do you agree? 


No wordy discussion here just note the warm, cool or sometimes laughable colors from our past.  Avocado Green being at the top of my list for asking why?! What was going on in history? Were we at war? Financial boom or bust? The colors reflect the truth of how it all went down! 


CLASSY!!! Rich, Elegant colors that have almost a pearlescent quality. 

We are ready to color our new decade in style. Thank you Benjamin Moore.