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Nature-Inspired Life. A Closer Look With Elizabeth Carmel

We founded as a way to enhance any indoor environment with the positive benefits of nature’s beauty. Viewing our ambient nature films even for a few minutes can be noticeably calming - breaths are deeper, the eyes relax, the heart rate slows, and the brain gets a reprieve from the day's agenda.It is an accessible way to foster increased mindfulness.

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Surrounded By Animals & Earth Elements = Vibrant Art & Life

This is an exciting continuation of a question from an interior designer and lover of nature and energy medicine: IS THERE A LINK BETWEEN BEAUTIFUL SPACES AND A SENSE OF INNER PEACE AND INSPIRATION?

Today I am sharing Part 1 of an interview with Emily Reid whose art that is so full of life it jumps off the canvas to greet you! Her animal inspired art is vibrant and animated in the most surprising ways that it makes you and certainly your inner child smile.  She lives on a farm with “cast away” animals that are a rich narrative of her art and lifestyle. Today we look at her style at home and her collection of organic objects that infuse nature into her life at every corner. 

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Connecting Creativity + Clutter Free Zones = Inspired Art & Living

Hey, color and light lovers! Doing these interviews has been like eating candy! Sweet delightful conversations that sparks joy and inspiration. Speaking of “sparking joy” Tina Mokuau has given us another excellent tip for our bridge from the world of form, creating beauty and inner peace. Her studio is a clean light palette and is ready for creative brushstrokes. Tina shares " a photo of my home art studio, it is my happy place and I feel like my creativity is activated there."


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